Training and Defeating Guard Towers in Clash Royale

With each part of Clash Royale becoming slightly more difficult. During the training, you have two guard stands and one king. You must defeat the guard towers before defeating the king. Once you have defeated the three, you win the game by collecting a crown, one per defeat. As the game progressed, I was happy to see that you didn’t have to have all three crowns to win, you simply just had to have more than the other side of Clash Royale.

After the training is done on your iPhone, get ready for some real, intense fun. As any good game, in my opinion, should get your heart racing a little bit. You gotta feel the excitement. Though I did lose the first post-training game, I was thrilled to have been playing Clash Royale a bit more intensely. The ten-second countdown with audible numbers being said added a more realistic touch to the game .

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