Paperboy – Retro Video Game for Your Nostalgia

Paperboy is a game developed by Atari Games originally in 1984.In the game; one is tasked with the responsibility of delivering newspapers with a paperboy on his bicycle. Porting of this game was done to various personal computers and video gaming consoles in the both the United States and the United Kingdom. Its novel controls and themes made the game very innovative.

How do you play the game?

Generally, one is supposed to control a paperboy who is to deliver newspapers on a street in the suburbs while using his bicycle. Deliveries must be done daily in every week to customers who have subscribed. One must also try to damage houses belonging to non subscribers as you avoid obstacles that are on the streets. One looses subscribes whenever one vandalizes a customer’s home or misses any deliveries. Using the assigned key, one throws these papers to a customer’s mailbox or front door of their house. It is very easy for you to miss and also very easy to smash into a customer’s window.

The game runs from Monday through to Sunday and has three choices of difficult levels: hard way, middle road and easy street. It also has obstacles along the streets like potholes, cars, fighting men and clowns. Avoid touching any of these obstacles before the week ends because when one touches them, one looses their life. One can collect more lives and papers along the way but remember the lives are in very short supply.

An overview of each street shows the beginning of each day. This overview indicates both the non subscribers and the customers that are subscribers. With each level, one can easily discern the homes on each street as the subscribers live in houses that have bright colors and dark colors for the non subscribers.

Paperboy on mobile comes with various game modes. The main mode is career mode that comes with three towns that is track side which is hard, midtown is medium and Pleasantville is easy. It has five days that is Monday through Friday and while each area remains the same, there are new obstacles and routes each time.

Challenge is another mode which has six stages. These stages are specially designed for certain goals such as target windows and gnomes one is supposed to smash. This must be done by the set time on the clock.

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